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About Us

Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is. ~ Seth Godin

For over 6 decades, DSG has continuously transformed our business to adapt to the ever-changing marketing and advertising landscape

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Our Story

Simply stated, marketing and advertising is in our DNA. In order to thrive we have evolved to adapt to the changing advertising environment.

DSG started from humble beginnings as a printing press on Cherry Street in Philadelphia in 1960. As times changed, we entered into Yellow Page Directory advertising where we received recognition as an innovator and trusted partner. When the advertising industry rapidly digitized, we transformed with it, developing new online products and services to support our clients.

Now as the third generation of our family-owned marketing firm proudly takes the reins, we continue our evolution to offer a full suite of cutting-edge programs and integrated technology solutions for partner agencies, SMBs, and multi-location companies.

What hasn’t changed are the core values that have made us successful; our unwavering commitment to delivering excellent customer service, our willingness to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty in order to get the job done, and our intense focus on driving ROI for our clients.

We stand ready to help your business win. Our specialists will work directly with you, your marketing team, or preferred agency to ensure your Digital Business Information is activated to deliver results.

Our Leadership Team

The Leadership Team at DSG combines their decades of unique and varied experience to drive success for our clients and agency partners. Constantly adapting and bringing new ideas to the table to create a culture that worksof innovation, we are a team of thought leaders, brand advocates, operational strategists, and, to put it simply, nice people. We are willing to go the extra mile to not only make it work but be easy to work with.

Scott Sawin

President, Founder

Scott joined American Directory Systems (ADS) in 1987 after spending 10 years working in the graphic arts (printing) industry, first with Datacomp Corporation, a pioneer in electronic pre-press services, and then with R.R. Donnelley & Sons, the nation's largest printing company. Along with Dean, Scott purchased ADS in 1990 and proceeded to transition the company from a graphic production house primarily serving the Yellow Pages industry, to an advertising agency handling print ad placement for National advertisers. At that time, DSG was formed to be the vehicle to provide these services.

Fast forward, Scott and Dean morphed DSG into a "niche" digital advertising agency providing non-traditional applications that add value to clients' overall digital advertising campaigns. Scott's can-do attitude includes an approach that centers on "what can DSG do to enhance a client's position in the digital advertising world cost effectively." The DSG staff shares this approach which, Scott believes, is one of the keys to the company's success.

Paige Sawin Krauss

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Paige is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at DSG. She is proud to be the third generation of the family-owned agency. As a driver of new initiatives, improvements in operational structure, and having a passion for all things media, Paige has continued the family legacy by co-leading the transition of DSG's offerings from print to a niche-service digital firm over the course of the five years since she has joined company.

In addition to DSG, Paige has over ten years of experience in local and mid-to-large market advertising, marketing, and media planning. Prior to making the transition into advertising and marketing, Paige has had a diverse background that includes being a casting director and ensemble member of a Chicago-based theatre after graduating from Denison University. Frequently drawing from this experience (and the lessons learned trying to get her toddler to eat vegetables), Paige utilizes her creative nature to build and inspire her teams and create customized digital services that make DSG's client campaigns a success.

As a legacy to the family company, family is naturally very important to Paige, so when she is not at DSG, you can find her swimming at the Y with her two year old, or soaking up some sun with her husband and family on the beaches of Long Beach Island, NJ. And every once in a while she still finds a way to get herself back in the theatre or at the pottery wheel for some creative recharging!

Dean Hodges

EVP, Founder

Dean started his career at American Photoengraving in 1971 working for Earl Sawin, supplying services to the Yellow Page Publishers. Dean played s pivotal role in transforming that business into American Directory Systems in 1978 and then again into DSG in 1989 starting the transition from print to digital. He’s been a part of the company through its ups and downs from a few employees to over 50 with an additional 50 freelancers. Early on, the main focus was providing different services to the Yellow Page's industry to both the local publishers & national channels dealing with agencies large and small alike.

Dean has been in the business for over 50 years and his longevity in this industry comes by no accident. He’s always looking ahead for what’s next. The one constant is change, it will continue to happen and you always need to adapt. During his tenure he’s seen and made a lot of changes, always trying be on the cutting edge for better ways to do things.

His knack is people, whether it be employees or clients, he understands the roots of obtaining long-lasting relationships. A lot has changed from 1971 to 2023, but the one thing that remains the same is people. His philosophy is simple, put the client first and the rest will work itself out. When clients and employees trust you, they will be more eager to work with you. Dean never asks his employees to do something he wouldn’t do, this is why numerous employees have spent the majority of their careers working with Dean. His advice after 50+ years in the industry? “Be honest. Be yourself. Everyone will have their own style, but as long as you're honest and care for people, you can’t go wrong.

Mike Gaydos

VP, Business Development

Mike started his career at DSG in 2019. Along with his many years of advertising, media and creative agency experience, Mike brings a diverse background in music and radio production. His work as a producer on integrated campaigns for clients like JetBlue, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark and Microsoft has been gained recognition and has been nominated for several awards. Mike focuses on solving problems for DSG's clients and showcasing insights gained from every campaign DSG is involved with. In his spare time, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, the occasional house project, a good vodka martini. He continues his career as a part time musician in the greater Philadelphia area.

DSG's Take on Results

Data is the heartbeat of DSG’s services. To that end, we’ve developed a sophisticated technology stack to support managing, monitoring, tracking, and reporting on our client’s campaigns.
But data only takes you so far… It’s the interpretation and activation of that data that breathes life into campaigns and elevates good results to great results. That’s where we shine. At DSG, we strive to go deeper. To understand exactly what our clients want to accomplish and deploy data to reach these goals. Is it to syndicate local listings to deliver consistent and accurate information across the enterprise? Increase brand awareness and engagement? Creatively generate leads? Our team of experts will harness the data and create a customized plan that achieves your objectives. And once we set the right plan in motion, the data speaks for itself. Just take a look at our results this past year.




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