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Listings management for a stronger online presence.

A healthy online presence can open new opportunities and maximize spend, offering your company a robust platform to grow.

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A few good reasons “why”

We have a saying at DSG: “If you don’t write your brand story, the internet will do it for you.” It’s exactly why we prioritize our listings and reputation management. Because we know that many growing businesses are understandably preoccupied with - well, running a business.

That’s why we’re here..

Efficiency is Key

Streamlining management adds up quickly, especially across thousands of online directories and aggregators.

Staying Connected

Well-managed listings and feedback means keeping in touch with your customer base, in more ways than one.

Controlling the Narrative

Consistent, accurate listings mean your company is seen as reputable and credible by search engines.

Location, Location, Location

Making sure your multi-channel marketing plan is converting leads and not wasting valuable budget.

Want to see where your business stands?

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Listings come in all types

Every business needs a listing, and every need is unique. Regardless of your business type and model, we can ensure you have a strong digital foundation.


Open your virtual doorway to the neighborhood with a strong online presence


Whether speaking to B2B clients or DTC, we can ensure your reviews and responses stay HIPAA compliant.


Enable gated reviews and let us monitor the temperature of your online feedback


Maximize every digital interaction with a curated Q&A and advanced tracking capabilities
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Unique Solutions

This is where DSG makes a difference.

Our listings management begins at the ground level – providing attentive, informed consultation at an extremely affordable price tag. It starts with our expert tech partners. And it grows quickly through flexible management packages and a capable roster on staff to guide you to a robust online presence.

Flexible Management

Our Management Options

We’ve seen what can tie a listing in knots, and have successfully turned organic user traffic from a standstill to a steady influx. It’s time we helped your business lay the proper groundwork to grow beyond the roadblocks. Here is what is included in our management:

  • Routine listing and navigation app updates
  • Listing consistency control
  • Engage call tracking solutions
  • Triage and resolve issues with online directories including Google, Bing, and Apple Maps
  • Integrate paid media as a Yelp® Preferred Partner
  • Reputation management

We’re ready when you are.

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