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Yelp Announces Yelp Audiences, Google Cookie Ban Delayed

Yelp has expanded it’s ad network through the new feature: Yelp Audiences. According to Yelp, this new feature allows “ads for your business [to show] on a collection of third-party sites such as Business Insider, Buzzfeed, eBay, and others”. Clicks on ads shown on the Yelp Audience Network will send users directly to the business’s Yelp page. This is a great way to potentially reach Yelp’s highly engaged audience. Learn more about the new features introduced with Yelp Audiences here.

Additionally, in a recent announcement, Google revealed that it will be pushing back it’s ban of third party cookies until 2023. Originally planned for January of 2022, Google has made this move to avoid jeopardizing any businesses as there is yet to be a suitable technological replacement to sustain the wellbeing of advertisements.

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