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Welcome to DSG’s final installment in our New Business Marketing Guide. Now that we’ve covered all the basics of marketing, it’s time to strategize on a larger scale. You may still be wondering which marketing tactics offer the biggest return, or how you can be sure you’re not foregoing crucial practices. Here at DSG we work with clients of all varieties, and we’d like to share which practices we find to be most beneficial to new businesses.

Listings Management

At DSG, we believe that ensuring that your business information is accurate across all online profiles is the best thing you can do for your business. If you don’t create your own profiles, the internet will make them for you, often with inaccurate information. Not only does mismatched business information harm your search engine performance, but it also threatens your customer acquisition by leading potential customers to the wrong places. A listings management program can harness dozens of online listings in a single dashboard, while simultaneously suppressing inaccurate and duplicate profiles.

It is also important to remember to utilize the free listings available to your business. Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp are just a few sites that can work wonders for business exposure when utilized to the fullest extent. These free listings are easy to use, and even provide insightful analytics on your performance as part of their free accounts.

Reputation Management

At DSG, we like to say that a bad business review is like a referral to your competitor. Customers put a lot of trust into online reviews before making a purchase, so it’s important that building a positive reputation is among your top priorities. Additionally, it can be difficult for newer businesses to garner reviews, as their initial lack can be a deterrent to potential buyers. Check out our post on the Importance of Reviews to learn more.

Other Methods

There’s a variety of platforms that offer paid advertising fit to your size and budgetary needs. Google, Facebook, and more offer in-depth and intuitive approaches to reaching a broader audience. Campaigns are entirely customizable to your liking, and can be altered to fit small budgets.

The DSG professionals’ innovative approach to marketing has proven to be successful for businesses of all types. We build a unique package for each of our one-of-a-kind clients to meet and exceed their expectations. If you’re interested in learning what more DSG can offer for your business, visit our website and give us a call!


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