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Often, when performing needs analysis with our customers we will ask something along the lines of “what aspect of your business keeps you up at night?” Today, we are going to turn the tables a bit and share something that keeps us up at night.

As the role of the ad agency continues to evolve, we see a marked shift in the services clients and prospects value most. While expertise in media planning and placement will always be the baseline, there is a seemingly ever-growing need for agency consultative services.

Without question, this is driven by the revolution in the proliferation and availability of data. Analysis of the volumes of marketing campaign data that are routinely at our fingertips can be time-consuming and nuanced. For that reason, our clients increasingly rely on us to interpret the data and offer ideas and strategies for improvement. Whereas once our business was primarily focused on finding solutions, we are now called upon to look at the data and proactively identify problems.

At DSG, we are passionate about tracking every campaign metric we possibly can. We integrate the data into the TapClicks reporting platform and find that extremely useful in uncovering valuable, actionable insights.

Recently, we were analyzing H1 2021 call tracking data and came across the following information:

That’s right, across DSG’s accounts, we drove over 1.6 million calls in the first half of 2021. However, a monumental 64 thousand of those calls went unanswered!

Sixty-four thousand! That’s equivalent to a missed call every minute of the workday for the entire first six months of 2021. The reasons behind these missed calls vary greatly. Some come after hours when not all clients have phone coverage, others could be due to Covid-related staffing issues. Whatever the case may be, these are potentially lost opportunities. Among those calls could have been a million-dollar customer who turned elsewhere when their call went unanswered. This is where those sleepless nights kick in!

In our role as marketing consultants, we set out to see how we can reduce the number of unanswered calls for our clients right away. We want to drive calls for our clients, and we additionally want to help our clients’ convert those leads in order to make the most out of their investments. When a prospect calls and there isn’t anyone on the other line, that investment is wasted. Not only is it wasted money, but it can additionally impact our client’s reputation, since the caller has now had a negative experience with the brand. How can we minimize missed calls so that our clients’ marketing campaigns achieve maximum efficiency?

In comes Ruby, the live virtual receptionist and chat company. We’ve partnered with Ruby to offer our clients a new way to handle phone calls. When you’re busy, away from the phone, or closed, Ruby steps in 24/7, 365 days a year to answer your incoming calls and record messages or direct the caller to the proper location.

It’s all customizable and powered by a team of highly trained customer engagement professionals who create real, personal connections with everyone who contacts your business. You can check your activity and stay on top of customer communications through their handy online dashboard and mobile app.

With Ruby’s help, you’ll never miss out on a potential customer again!

DSG is confident that Ruby delivers an efficient, seamless experience for callers that help our clients capture these leads. We are certain that our clients will see the positive impact of missing fewer calls  when they partner with Ruby. Plus, Ruby is offering a special discount just for DSG customers – use code “DSG” for 3% off all Ruby services.

If you’re interested in Ruby’s live chat and receptionist services, you can reach out to Ruby directly, or speak with a DSG representative – we’d be happy to help put you in contact with the right person.

Stay tuned for more DSG insights delivered weekly!

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