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Customers visit many different online platforms before making a purchasing decision. For this reason, it’s important to optimize your profiles to ensure that when users land on one of your many online listings, they will have comprehensive, company verified information that conveys the best possible impression of your brand.

One key online profile that warrants every business’s attention is Yelp. Yelp delivers a premium audience with a high purchase intent. In fact, 97% of Yelp users make a purchase after browsing Yelp. 

As you might imagine, there is tremendous competition to reach Yelp’s high value audience. So, you will want to give your business the best chance to be chosen among competitors. Yelp offers a smorgasbord of a la carte features that can enhance your profile and help it stand out.

These features have been proven to increase brand interest and engagement among visitors to your Yelp profile. Businesses can pick and choose which options they’d like for a personalized Yelp profile catered to their needs. Below, we’re exploring the Yelp profile upgrade options that are available to your business, and how they can help your business be chosen over your competitors.

Enhanced Profiles

Yelp Enhanced Profiles are essentially a grouping of some of the most popular profile upgrades at a discounted price. A Yelp Enhanced Profile includes a Call To Action button, Photo Slideshow, Business Highlights, and Competitor Ad Removal. Each of these features can also be purchased separately. For details on the features included in Enhanced Profiles, see this DSG blog. The remainder of the add-ons within this article are not included with an Enhanced Profile and must be purchased separately.

Business Logo

The business logo upgrade is an excellent way to promote your brand. This upgrade displays your logo prominently next to your business name on your Yelp profile.

With an Enhanced Profile, it is possible to select a “featured photo”, which allows you to display your logo (or photo of choosing) next to your business in Yelp search results. However, the logo add-on is required in order to display your logo on the profile itself.

Verified License

A verified license gives Yelp users the confidence to trust your business. The blue “verified” badge signifies that your business has an active trade license. Businesses purchasing this add-on must be manually verified by the Yelp team to ensure the validity of the license. This feature has shown to be particularly effective among home services businesses, and studies have shown an increase in clicks, calls, and map views for businesses after 30 days of utilizing the verified license feature.

Photo Portfolios

Photo portfolios allow businesses to display projects that they’ve completed through carefully curated photo albums that are separate from the main photo section of the Yelp profile. These portfolios can be reordered to show “before” and “after” shots as well as fitted with short captions outlining the details of the project such as the duration and budget.

By deploying these enhancements, you can create a more expansive view of your brand. This gives consumers more reasons to choose to do business with you over your competitors. For personalized assistance in optimizing your business’ Yelp presence, reach out to us.

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