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How Long Have I Been At DSG

I celebrated 8 years with DSG this past December.

My Role at DSG

Show me the money!  My job here is all things that involve the money in, the money out, and reporting on all of it.  I take care of all invoicing, oversee payables, bookkeeping, and report monthly on our company’s finances.  It may sound a bit boring, but with the constant creativity and innovation here at DSG, even in the finance department, there is never a dull moment.

Current Projects

I thrive on collaborating with Sales and Operations, constantly striving for improvement. Currently, I’m working with the Operations team to streamline our ordering system, aiming to give our Account Managers more time to focus on client needs while ensuring seamless integration with our invoicing process.

Fun Facts About Lauren

 My favorite way to spend an afternoon is stomping down a creek, which is one of the reasons living in the Poconos is such a great fit for me.  Our family spends most weekends hiking the trails, climbing the trees, jumping the cliffs, stomping the creeks, and swimming in our secret watering holes at Hickory Run. Another fun fact about me is that I am a preacher, and spend much of the rest of my free time ministering to hurting women, especially those who are victims of domestic violence or are bravely transitioning out of a domestic violence situation into the life of single motherhood, which was a part of my story about a decade ago. 

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