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It’s Going By So Fast

It seemed like my internship at DSG started yesterday, but it is now April and my time here is quickly nearing its end. Not only do I have about a month left here, but it is only about a month until I graduate from West Chester University. Before I know it, I will be working full time and starting the next chapter of my life. Thanks to my time here at DSG, I feel more prepared and excited for what lies ahead. Time really does fly when you are having fun and learning so much along the way.

Opportunities. Opportunities. Opportunities.

One of the best parts about my internship is that there are so many different opportunities to try and learn new things. In my last blog post, I spoke about DSG’s   launch of its first ever podcast, CareerTracks.  That was definitely one of my favorite assignments, but only one of many other tasks I get to do here at DSG.

As I have mentioned before, I work on DSG’s “Search Engine Marketing” team . Recently, I got to partake in launching a campaign for a restaurant down in Delaware. My specific task was to create Ad Groups for their Private Events. You really had to get creative in what keywords should be mentioned for Google. Aside from keywords, I also had to create headlines for their ads. Learning to think outside the box to create unique and effective ad content  was a huge learning step for me. It was a really cool opportunity to have my work out there for this campaign! 

When I was hired, Paige Sawin told me that I would get to see many different sides of the agency. I remember being most excited about the variety of tasks in a single day. I love trying new things in every aspect of life and that certainly was a key component to what I was looking for. I have worked with several managers on many different assignments and I have used a multitude of platforms.

Office Days vs. Remote Days

Working hybrid is something that seemed so crazy three years ago, but here we are  doing it like many companies today. For me, I prefer coming into the office to working remotely. Although it is very nice to work from home, walking into the office on Wednesdays is what makes me love this job. I am surrounded by a great group of people that take an interest in what we interns have to offer. 

That being said, the opportunity to work from home is a great part of the job as well. DSG has team members all over the country, so you can say I am surrounded by caring people virtually as well. When Covid shut down school back in 2020, I really had to learn to be more self disciplined and determined to keep my grades up. So when I log in for work from home, I am ready to attack the day by putting my head down and getting my tasks completed.

My days at DSG may be numbered, but whether it is remotely or in the office, I know I will continue to learn each and every day and take those lessons with me throughout my own “CareerTrack”.

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