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First, I would like to share some breaking news. After speaking with Paige and Mike this week, I am incredibly excited to announce that my internship will be extended into the fall semester!  

With that backdrop, welcome to my third intern notebook blog, where I will touch on the various aspects and lessons digital marketing agency life has taught me so far. 

From understanding business profile management to posting and managing job listings for clients, I have covered ground that has not only expanded my knowledge but also increased my collaboration skills. 

I am under a year away from entering the workforce and this internship is already an integral part of my professional journey. Entering the workforce is an exciting yet challenging phase and it is crucial that I apply the lessons I have learned from this remarkable team. Having what I truly believe to be the best-of-the-best digital marketing professionals around me, there is no doubt that this is and has been the perfect opportunity for me.

Key New Learnings 

Since my last notebook blog, I have acquired knowledge of tools and technologies utilized to maximize workflow efficiency. A call-tracking software that DSG utilizes AI to provide insights on call outcomes allowing for enhanced,  data-driven decision-making and training opportunities. Learning this skill will allow me to contribute to a marketing strategy that bridges the gap between online and offline actions.

One project that I have been honored to be a part of with the amazing team of Tammy Muhr and Chris Huk, pertains to posting and monitoring job listings for a healthcare client. While working on this account, I have been given the opportunity to create job postings and apply the necessary information. Being able to track the number of views and applicants is a valuable tool to inform clients on where their listings are performing best so that we can improve future campaigns.  

One thing I have learned working at DSG is that you never know what questions or projects will come through on any given day.  Recently, we were tasked with creating an e-commerce solution for online merchandise sales. While diving into this world of e-commerce, I have familiarized myself with highly established platforms like Shopify and am learning the skill of crafting and managing a digital storefront. Through this experience, I have gained insights into writing effective product descriptions, creating appealing visuals, and researching and developing strategic pricing. 

A Special Thank You

As this summer comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on my incredible journey at DSG. This summer has been nothing short of enlightening and transformative. I have learned more about digital marketing strategies during this internship than during my years of university studies. I cannot help but thank this incredibly welcoming and supportive team for making every challenge feel conquerable and every achievement feel appreciated. As I move forward in my professional development, I will make sure to carry the valuable lessons I have established during the summer. To the team that feels like family, thank you for an unforgettable and invaluable chapter of my career. 


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