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Consumers are leaving more business reviews than ever, with the review count per business location having grown by 27% over the past year. Businesses are getting savvier about the importance of reviews as well, responding to them 47% more than last year. Reputation management has become a particularly important practice for businesses new and old.

Why They’re Important

Online shoppers can be skeptics when it comes to visiting new stores, and rightfully so. In a world with such a massive array of businesses, it’s a given that not all of them are as trustworthy as others. To a new customer, business reviews (or lack thereof) could mean the difference between becoming a client and bypassing a business completely. A BrightLocal survey discovered that 73% of customers have more trust in a company after reading positive reviews and upwards of 85% of shoppers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Therefore, the connection between increased sales and customer reviews may be stronger than you think.

Business Reputation

The most effective way to maintain a good reputation is to keep up a consistently good performance. Giving clients a memorable experience will encourage them to write reviews, tell others, and ultimately boost your reputation. If your business’ reputation is slipping through the cracks, it may be time to invest in tools to help you. DSG provides an array of tools and knowledge to help you solicit, maintain, and respond to reviews. Click here to visit our website and learn more about what DSG has to offer.

88% of consumers state that online reviews significantly influence their buying decisions. While word of mouth is an astoundingly effective form of promotion, not all companies are able to achieve this level of brand recognition, which is why online reviews become the next trusted source. For new businesses, the first few reviews are the most difficult. Once you’ve got them, your reputation will continue to develop on its own.

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