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What Story does your Data Tell?

Analyzing data can be the cause a major shift in a business’s course of action, but many businesses don’t utilize the data they have to its fullest extent. But what good is a marketing campaign if you don’t have the data to prove its success or failure? What many companies don’t realize is that a small investment of time or money into a thorough data analytics regime can prove to save your business tons of money in the long run.

Important Metrics to Include in your Reports

The most important metrics that indicate whether your campaigns are performing up to par include leads, conversions, and cost analysis. No matter what campaign you’re running on what platform, these metrics can most clearly indicate the campaign’s effectiveness. If you’re spending money but aren’t gaining the expected amount of leads or conversions, why run the campaign at all?

Of course, every report is unique depending on what is being analyzed. For instance, perhaps your goal on Facebook is to gain more likes and pageviews to expand the audience for your content. In this case, perhaps leads and conversions isn’t the best indicator of success. The most important practice is to define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before starting up a new campaign to help you know how to track and analyze your progress further down the road.

Why Is Data Analysis Important?

Analyzing your company’s performance data can reveal vivid insights into campaign effectiveness. It may also expose problems that a company is facing that could have otherwise gone unnoticed. Keeping consistent watch on your performance data can help to hone in on your business’s best plan for fund optimization.

Businesses may choose to view reports on anywhere from a weekly, monthly, quarterly, to yearly basis. DSG recommends that our clients view and understand their reports at a minimum of every quarter, but the more frequently you are able to, the more in touch you can be with your business. To learn more about the importance of data analysis, check out our blog on Growing Your Business With Data Analysis.

Tell a Story with Data

DSG likes to tell stories with data. We carefully analyze detailed business insights to give you the most vivid narrative on your data. Telling a story helps our clients to understand the causes, effects, and best courses of action to take on their campaigns, and we walk them through every step of the process. Are you interested in starting a conversation with DSG? Fill out the form below – we want to hear from you!

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