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Yelp is an online platform that is most well-known for hosting business reviews. A lot of people may have some preconceived opinions on Yelp. However, Yelp has a variety of crucial features that many businesses miss out on because of these preconceptions! If you aren’t using Yelp yet, let us convince you to with these 4 reasons that businesses like yours can benefit from Yelp.

Claim Your Profile – It’s Free Media!

Yelp is just another search directory platform where you can host your core business information. Who wouldn’t want to get their business’s name in front of more people? Yelp boasts an average of 35 million unique users per month on the mobile app alone. Claiming a Yelp business profile is easy, so much so that anyone can do it. If you aren’t controlling your Yelp profile, outside Yelp users could be. In fact, when a business is not claimed and managed directly by the business, any user can suggest edits. Take control of your profile to ensure accurate business information is available to all customers.

Hyperlocal Communications

Claiming your Yelp profile opens the opportunity to connect with your community through hyperlocal communication. If you’re employed with a large multi-location business, it can be difficult to break away from large-scale, sometimes even nationwide marketing campaigns. However, connecting with your community through hyperlocal messaging can resonate stronger with audiences. Yelp is just the right place to start! You may consider offering location-specific deals and coupons, or simply expressing your business’s awareness and support of local events with the use of the Yelp CTA (or Call-to-Action function).

Successful Industries on Yelp

Yelp’s “Request A Quote” or “Request a Consultation” feature offers a direct line of contact from interested customers to your business. This feature is what makes Yelp particularly popular among local businesses in the service industry. A study revealed that businesses that see the most revenue from advertising on Yelp are home contractors, automotive businesses, and other local services. Successful Yelp advertisers have been found to make an average of $23,000 in revenue each year, strictly off of conversions found on Yelp!

Monitor Your Reputation

Many are aware that Yelp is most known for its hosting of business reviews. If your business is struggling with its reputation, Yelp may be the perfect outlet to attract willing reviewers. It offers the perfect platform to carefully monitor and respond to both positive and negative reviews. This alerts future prospects that you care about the satisfaction of your customers. Don’t let your reviews go unseen- if you already have a Yelp profile but it is not being monitored, you may have negative reviews that you don’t know about!

If these aren’t good enough reasons for you to start optimizing your Yelp profile, check out these real-life results. Click below to download and view a case study on DSG’s latest Yelp success story.

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