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Online Presence: A Cornerstone of Success

DSG believes that a business’s core online presence lies in its social media and reputation management. Your Online Presence is how and where your brand information is presented online. This presence encompasses your business’s name, address, phone number, brand messaging, social engagement, and reputation (inclusive of reviews). Your online presence is extremely impactful to your brand’s organic traffic and to your user’s experience with your brand. While the world continues to endure COVID-19, businesses must stay online and in close communication with their communities. Wondering how you can rock your online presence? Read on.

Reputation Management

Reputation management means remaining alert and mindful of your business’ reviews. Consumers have become increasingly reliant on business reviews when contemplating purchasing decisions, as they are more willing to trust fellow consumers than to trust a brand. Especially as large portions of once in-person shopping shifts to online platforms, your business’s reputation is more important than ever and a bad review has begun to function as a direct referral to your competitor. To learn more about the importance of business reviews, read our blog on Business Reviews.

Enhancing Your Reputation

The easiest and most straightforward solution to building a positive reputation for your brand is keeping up a consistently strong performance. Giving your clients a memorable and positive experience with your brand online and offline is a surefire way to naturally garner good reviews.

A tip for boosting your reputation is responding to all reviews that you receive. Yes, even the bad ones! Your response will show prospects not only that you keep an open conversation with your customers, but that you are willing to troubleshoot the concerns of those who are less than happy with your services. If you are interested in learning more about what DSG’s Reputation Management program offers, please use the contact form below.

Social Media Presence

Social media is defined as websites and applications that allow users to share content and network. What once started purely as a person-to-person social platform has become a massive source of success for businesses. Brands that have a successful social media presence and keep open communication with clients are able to gain a greater level of trust from their audiences. Because consumers trust brands that they can relate to, social media profiles open the opportunity for new channels of increased interaction.

As you define your social media strategy, it’s important to keep your goals in mind. Keep in mind that the goal of managing social profiles is to expand your engagement to gain interest in your brand and, ultimately, get new customers. For the best chance at achieving success, make sure your social media strategy answers the following three key questions – who are you trying to reach, what do you want to tell them, and how do you want them to respond to your content? Once you answer these, you should get a better picture of your path to a successful social presence

Particularly during COVID-19, it’s crucial to keep your customers informed on any changes to your business, which can be facilitated through the features available on social media.

Check out DSG’s Blog for more insider marketing information, as well as the latest business news and tips on COVID-19.

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