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The end goal of all marketing is to gain leads, no matter the route taken. But, what happens when leads start to slow down? You might find that resource after resource recommends the same predictable lead gen methods. Feeling like you’ve exhausted all your options? Read on to discover four creative ways that you could be generating more leads.

Utilize Form-Fills

Form-fills are a quick and easy way to gather high quality leads, and they’re available on a lot of different platforms. It’s crucial to follow up with users that fill out a form for your company, as they have proven themselves to be of high value.

You may consider hosting a form-fill through social media ads, emails, a site popup, or any number of other locations. Some platforms such as Facebook will generate a pre-populated form for interested users, which fills the fields with any information already available in one’s profile. This makes the process faster for the user, meaning you can gather even more leads.

Live Chat Feature

Another unique way to generate leads is by implementing a live chat feature to your website. According to Invesp, an impressive 73% of customers find live chat to be the most satisfying way of communicating with a business. Talking directly with your customers can help to clear up any confusion that may have been preventing them from following through with a purchase, and it can also instill a greater sense of confidence in potential buyers.

Talking a prospect through the order process can be particularly effective for older audiences who tend to struggle with technology. The increased need for online shopping during Covid-19 means that online stores are seeing more traffic than usual. Live chat features can turn site visitors into leads and leads into conversions.


An effective way to spread brand awareness for your company and to in turn gain leads is to host a giveaway. Companies popularly host giveaways on social media platforms, as social media houses huge numbers of potential leads across many demographics. Keep in mind, you do not need to be a B2C goods-producing company to host a giveaway; companies of all kinds can raffle off gift cards (for your company or even an Amazon gift card), branded company swag, or anything that may hold value to your potential customer base.

The key to hosting a successful lead-generating giveaway is to set rules for entry that benefit you. An easy way to garner a large amount of entries is by asking users to follow your account and to tag a friend in the comments as their entry. This will help you gain followers toyou’re your future posts as well as bring further attention to your page through the accounts that are tagged. Alternatively, you may consider linking out to a form-fill page where contestants can enter their contact information to be counted as an entry. This offers a higher quality lead, opening the opportunity for direct contact with the prospect, but you may receive less giveaway entries as less people are willing to reveal their personal information. Make the choice based off of the value of your giveaway and the ideals of your existing clientele.

Leave Comments

A cost-effective way to increase brand awareness is to leave comments across the internet. Whether it be on relevant blogs, trending social posts, Q&A websites, or anywhere in between, leaving knowledgeable replies can distinguish your company as an experienced thought leader.

It is important to avoid sounding too sales-y in your comments, which could harm your business’ credibility. If you can approach comments with an objective, unbiased attitude, your writing will come off as genuine.

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to get creative in your lead generation efforts. If you’re looking for a more straightforward approach to lead generation, consider reaching out to DSG. We offer a variety of technology solutions for clients of all kinds to encourage lead generation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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