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DSG has experienced firsthand how chaotic this time can be, particularly for business owners keeping tabs on dozens of location closures. Through the eyes of our multi-location clients, DSG has seen a wide variety of communication needs. We’re sure that keeping your clients informed of your business’s status is a top priority. We are also aware that not every business has a team of marketing professionals working to disseminate information across the web, as needed. That being said, DSG would like to share some resources that we find handy in helping businesses keep their online presence under control so that you may utilize the tools available to push important messages out to your audience.

Free Listing Resources

Google My Business is an impactful free tool that millions of businesses already use to extend their reach. GMB allows for your business’s core information to be displayed directly on Google’s search results page, drastically increasing business’s organic results. It’s important to update your GMB with any potential closures, as it’s often the first source that internet searchers will see from your business. The tool also features posting options including updates regarding news, events, offers, and products. Utilize this free feature to your advantage to ensure that your customers are as informed as they can be. This can all be done from your business’ GMB dashboard.

Facebook is another important source of news to your clients. You may consider using your news feed to alert followers of your latest business updates. Facebook also allows you to pin any single post to the top of your business page, which can assist in ensuring that viewers see the information you deem to be most important. It is also vital to monitor your online comments. In times of uncertainty, misinformation spreads easily through social platforms; be mindful of your audience’s concerns, and be sure to suppress any comments that could further spread fear. Reassure your customers that your intention is to keep them safe and informed.

Other Resources

If you’re a Yext customer, you may already be aware of their powerful online listings management capabilities. Yext is a highly valuable asset in times of turbulence and offers the ability to add updates, such as store hours, to multiple locations simultaneously. Yext suggests that businesses affected by the outbreak utilize Yext features to keep listings up-to-date on operating hours, available menu/service items, changes in pickup/drop-off locations, and changes to business descriptions. Yext also reminds users to implement a “featured message” to push any urgent updates or messages to the forefront of your listings. Yext and Google My Business not only facilitate keeping your business’s name, address, and phone number under control, but also allow maximum transparency between you and your clients regarding your most urgent communications.

Be sure to re-assess any paid ad campaigns or social posts that your business may have had scheduled for the future. Look for any language alluding to hours, promotions, or other offers that may no longer be relevant due to your business’s circumstances.

Stay Safe: Work From Home

Many workplaces have already made the shift to remote work, as local governments across the country are encouraging able businesses to comply for the safety of the public. This can be a difficult transition, but the most important practice is to keep open communication with your colleagues. Familiarize yourself with video conferencing technology and communicate as frequently and openly as possible.

If you’d like some additional information, check out what Google and Facebook are doing to help. DSG is continuing to monitor how the situation will affect small businesses, and we are always available to help. Visit our website, or email, if you’d like to contact us, or check back on our Facebook page for the latest information.



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