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When we think of Google, we naturally think of the dominant search engine. Most of us are exposed to their search ads multiple times each day and an entire industry has grown whose primary focus is doing whatever it takes to get on the first page of Google results.

However, Google has a wide array of additional advertising options across their platforms and networks. Whether your business is looking to target niche or broad audiences, Google’s customizable ad experiences allow your business to reach your target customers and achieve your desired goals.

Google offers several different ad and campaign types, each targeting different outcomes and with varying benefits. In today’s blog, we’ll provide an overview of seven options available on Google. In future blogs we will dive deeper into some of these options.

1. Paid Search Campaigns

Google Search campaigns are those that appear on a search results page when a user enters a query. The top bidding ads appear at the top of the search results page. Search campaigns are great for targeting customers with high purchase intent – as they’re already searching for the product or service that you offer.

Paid search campaigns are best for businesses that are looking to generate sales and leads.

2. Display Campaigns

Display campaigns offer the opportunity to reach customers using visual ads. Through Google’s ad network, these advertisements have the potential to appear on millions of apps and websites. This makes display ads a great option for businesses looking to run retargeting campaigns, or just to expand their reach across the web.

Display campaigns are most commonly used to promote brand awareness.

3. Video Campaigns

Google owns YouTube, so advertisers have the opportunity to use Google Ads to run video ads that can appear before or throughout YouTube videos (pre-rolls and mid-rolls). Video ads offer a highly engaging form of media. This works great for businesses selling products or services that are difficult to portray in text or display mediums.

Video campaigns are most effective in targeting customers for brand awareness and driving conversions.

4. Local Campaigns

Local campaigns are designed to help drive customers into your physical store. Hyperlocal advertising is an important practice for all businesses from small brick and mortar shops to enterprises. These campaigns are automatically optimized to appear across search, maps, display, and video formats but, unlike other ad types, specifically promote your physical store location. Whereas other campaign types drive website clicks and other online interactions, local campaigns focus on in-person visits by promoting driving directions, “near me” searches, and targeting your ads to users within your desired vicinity.

5. Smart Campaigns

As a solution for small business owners, Google offers smart campaigns which automatically optimize campaigns to find the best targeting and placement. This allows for a simpler campaign set-up process for those that are less experienced in running ads. For the most optimized ad experience, it’s recommended that businesses consult a digital agency.

It’s important to note that users who create new Google Ads accounts will be automatically utilizing “smart mode” which means all campaign types will function as smart campaigns. Veteran users have the option to create smart campaigns or manage them manually.

Smart campaigns are funded on a pay per click basis, so your click can be directed to whichever desired goal you’d like to achieve. They are effective in promoting form-fills, website visits, and more.

6. App Campaigns

App campaigns help to drive downloads. This promotes your app to find new users and increases in-app sales. For businesses that make many sales through an app, campaigns to increase app downloads can, in turn, boost sales.

App campaigns are used to drive awareness and conversions.

7. Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are used by retailers to advertise their inventory. Shopping ads appear on Google search results as well as the shopping tab, where users can view specific products that they are searching for.

Shopping campaigns are best for retailers that are looking to drive online sales and conversions.


While some advertisers like to run their own campaigns, it is usually best to have an experienced, certified professional manage your campaigns to maximize performance. Reach out to DSG to find out how we can build a custom solution for your Google Advertising needs.

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