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The Reality Of Agency Work

Hello and welcome  to my second intern notebook! As I dive deeper into my internship at DSG, I’m gaining invaluable insights into the dynamics of agency life and how it aligns with my academic background. 

My classes have been instrumental in preparing me for the challenges of the real world. For example, my coursework in analytics and data science has given me a solid foundation for understanding different data templates and collaborating with team members effectively. These skills have proven to be valuable as I navigate the fast-paced environment of a marketing agency. 

Initially, I had a somewhat idealized view of agency work, imagining it to be primarily about creative brainstorming and flashy ad campaigns. But my experience so far has shown me that marketing agencies like DSG are multifaceted operations that handle a diverse range of tasks beyond just developing creative concepts for the socials, even though that is pretty fun. From client meetings to the daily operations of an agency, there exists a balance of art and science, where every decision is backed by data and strategic thinking.

Classroom Work Comes To Life IRL

One of the highlights of my internship has been witnessing how the concepts I’ve learned in my marketing classes are applied in a real-world setting. Over the past two weeks, I’ve had the privilege of shadowing John Feddern, a Marketing Director at DSG. During this time, I obtained my Google Ads certification and completed training modules on Google’s Skillshop platform. These experiences have not only enhanced my understanding of marketing but have also had an impact on my academic studies.

For instance, my coursework introduced me to the beginning steps of Google Ads, but working on real campaigns at DSG has provided me with a deeper understanding of campaign optimization and audience targeting. Additionally, my business analytics classes have proven to be extremely valuable in grasping the importance of data-driven decision-making in marketing. 

 I have had the opportunity to work more with Robyn this week, who is responsible for creating data templates for clients. These templates are instrumental in presenting clients data in a visually appealing and understandable manner. From color schemes to data organization, every aspect is carefully designed to enhance the readability of the information. Exploring these templates and seeing different ways data can be displayed has given me a firsthand look at how data can be used to drive marketing decisions and the importance of concise data presentation in client communication.

It’s been cool to witness how concepts play out in real-world marketing campaigns. I’ve also been getting more hands-on with the online presence platforms DSG uses like Yext. Recently, I helped Robyn input expert reputation video URLs using Yext for certain clients. It’s been great to see how these tools are used in a real agency. 

Be Nimble & Adaptable

The fast-paced nature of agency life has also taught me the importance of adaptability and quick thinking. Projects can evolve rapidly, requiring us to pivot strategies and priorities at a moment’s notice. Overall, my internship has been an eye-opening experience that has not only reinforced my passion for marketing but also shown me the practical use of my academic knowledge. Until my next entry!


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